Monday, September 3, 2012

What is "Mass Funded"? And why should I care?

Mass Funded is my jab at all of the corporations out there.  I'm looking to succeed in my business ventures without having to sell my soul to corporate america. My name is Mitch and I am the humble creator of Gore Noir Magazine & Lucky Fuck Clothing, both of which are under the parent company Bolt and Clover Productions.  I'm not some suit, I didn't grow up with money.  I've ate Cocoa Puffs with water instead of milk, dealt with our power being turned off and I've lived on "cinnamon toast" bread for weeks.  That's not to say I've overcome those days of having nothing.  I'm still paycheck to paycheck.  The difference between me now and me then is that I invest every last extra penny I make into my passions.  I'm an idea man.  I create things. 

I'm not an artist by no means but I write, paint, make websites, etc.  Why should you invest in a dreamer?  Well there's a huge difference between a dreamer and a person that does.  I work a full time job, I design, put together, interview for, and set up events for my publication Gore Noir Magazine, I design shirts, hats, hoodies, etc. for my clothing line Lucky Fuck.  In addition to this I was enrolled in school for Business Administration for a year earning a 4.0 gpa until the workload of 40 hours of work with the workload of a 64 page full color magazine and a clothing stacked on top.

My original idea was to take dollar donations and show people where their money was going. (this idea might be adopted back in I'm not stuck in any format)  Right now we are accepting any denomination donation.  We are also accepting investments.  Like what you see?  Want to advertise in our magazine?  Would you like to be a wholesaler or either the magazine or the clothing line?  My personal email is:  I usually answer emails within an hour or so, unless of course your proposal will take a bit more thinking than just a fast response.  We have events that we throw in order to promote my brands and to hopefully bring in more money to fund my projects.

All of the people who donate to these projects will be honored in a post every week.  I will also keep everyone up to date on things that are coming up with the business projects and any of my personal projects.